HSS Horizontal Bearing Assemblies

GB Bearings HSS bearing assemblies are a range of plain bearings, for shaft sizes from 80mm to 315mm, ready for fitting to fans, blowers, pumps, horizontal water turbines and any other machinery where free standing, base mounted, bearings are required.

They incorporate the latest in GB Bearings’ wide experience in designing bearings for rotating as well as plain, profile and tilting pad bearings for which they are well-known globally. 

General Description 
The standard GB Bearings HSSF assembly contains a horizontal plain journal bearing, of split construction, with thrust pads for shaft location.  

The main feature of the HSSF range is that it can accommodate high axial loads by the use of Glacier Tilting Thrust Pads lubricated by a specially designed oil disc arrangement inside the assembly. This provides a positive oil supply to the thrust pads as well as the sleeve bearings. This design eliminates the requirement of external lubricating oil stations. Normally, the only requirement would be a cooling water supply. 

For the non-thrust assembly, HSRF, the same frame size housing will be used accommodating a standard sleeve bearing, lubricated by an oil ring. 

For full details and options available on our HSS Bearing Assemblies, download the Handbook by clicking here.

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