Glycodur Range
F and A Bearings
RPL and RPH Thermoplastic Bearings

GLYCO Glycodur® F and A Bearings
Glycodur® F bearings are self-lubricating bearings with a PTFE mixture, completely lead free, which results in excellent dimensional stability and thermal conductivity.

Glycodur┬« A bearings have a relatively thick top layer of polyoxymethylene (POM), featuring indented pockets for grease lubrication and, to some extent, are unaffected by mis-alignment.  Both bearing types have a copper plated steel base with a sintered tin bronze layer to which the PTFE  and  POM are  solidly  joined. 

Glyco RPL and RPH Thermoplastic Bearings 
These are solid one step, automatic injection molded, thermoplastic polymer sliding bearings with additives. Suited to a wide range of applications. This way cost effective solutions are possible. 

Glycodur RPL consists of the basis polymer PBT. Embedded in the polymer matrix are PTFE, fine bronze powder and Aramid fibres. Minimize friction and wear, increased pressure resilience, not abrasive even in high temperatures and optimum operational characteristics are achieved. Easily machined for all dimensions. 

Glycodur RPH consists of the basis polymer PAI. Embedded in the polymer matrix are PTFE, graphite as well as special additives. Improve friction/sliding performance, improved compression strength and extremely temperature resistant. Easily machined for all dimensions.

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